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Why does eLATED need sponsors?

A defining hallmark of the eLATED community is its informal and inclusive nature. There are no formal “members” of eLATED community and there are no membership or admission fees required in order to attend our events. Instead, each individual event is sponsored and that is where we rely on support from the eLearning business community – people like yourself.   

What is a sponsor’s role at the event?

Our events follow a standard format:  an eLATED presentation from 4 Pm to 5 PM followed by the eLATED Elixir downstairs at the bar from 5PM.  In some instances the presentations showcase a sponsor’s business or service offering but others focus on an issue or topic related to it. We can work with sponsors to ensure the right focus or help if needed.

What recognition does a sponsor get?

A sponsor is acknowledged prominently on the eLATED website – event promotion + follow-up summary

There is a direct hyperlink to your organization’s website.
If not addressed in the presentation, sponsors have an opportunity to describe their expertise, offerings and experiences

What is the cost of sponsorship?

Sponsor cost is the bill for refreshments at our Boiler House locale.  Sponsors generally provide each attendee with a drink ticket along with some crudités/light finger food.  Cost will depend on attendance but will range from $15-$20 per person.  We confirm details re: refreshments with sponsors before any event.

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